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Our SRI funds

Investing in the stock market, in line with our mission

As Triodos Investment Management is a full subsidiary of Triodos Bank, should Triodos Investment Management have any involvement with stock-market listed multinational companies? Some might see it as a compromise of what we stand for. But we strongly believe our SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) activities are a powerful means of promoting our principles and working for greater sustainability, while enabling us to offer customers a wider range of attractive investment options.

Triodos SRI funds

Triodos SRI funds invest in global (EUR) bonds and global equities issued by listed companies offering strong financial performance combined with high social and environmental standards. Triodos Research screens companies on a number of sustainability criteria and enters into a dialogue with these companies. Triodos Research uses this process to define the Triodos investment universe. The financial management is handled by Delta Lloyd Asset Management NV, which invests in companies included in the Triodos investment universe that are likely to generate the highest financial returns.

Triodos Investment Management offers a wide range of investment strategies, suited to the aims and needs of private investors, family offices and institutional (or semi-institutional) investors. We also offer funds to distribution partners in Europe.

Institutional investors

If you are a business, organisation, private wealth management company, family office, pension fund or other type of institutional investor, Triodos Investment Management can provide you with SRI investment funds. To find out more about investing, you can contact our Investor Relations staff in Europe directly or go to the overview for institutional investors .

Distribution partners

If you are a distributor of investment funds in Europe, we can offer you a choice of SRI investment funds. To find out more, you can contact us directly. Our Investor Relations staff in Europe would be happy to talk to you about our current fund offering available for distribution .

Private investors

If you are a private investor, please visit your local Triodos Bank website in the country where you live, through the links below. You'll find full details of the investment funds available from Triodos in your country. You might also like to talk to your own financial advisor or bank about the possibility of investing in Triodos funds.

Get in touch

To find out more about investing with us, you can contact our Investor Relations staff in Europe.

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Humans are not machines but rather social beings. And that’s our strength of our economy. We are at our best and happiest when we collaborate and share. But what happens when individuals have their human rights put at stake because of the way a company operates? How can companies remediate the adversity they cause?

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If you are a private investor, please visit the website of your local branch.