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Socially Responsible Investment

A strategic approach to use money for positive change

We believe that in the long term, the most successful businesses will be those that achieve the right balance between their social, environmental and economic performance. So when it comes to investing in the stock market, investing in these companies makes sense from a financial perspective as well as a sustainability perspective.

Leaders in their sector

Through our four Triodos Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds, we invest in equities or bonds issued by listed companies with a strong financial position and delivering good social and environmental performance. We consider only companies that clearly outperform others within their sectors on sustainability, and that comply with our strict minimum standards. 

These are the pioneers in their sectors, leading their peers towards higher standards of environmental, social and financial performance. As influential multinational companies, they have a global impact on environmental and social change.

Sovereign bonds

We invest in sovereign bonds if the issuing government fulfils the highest standards of democratic government, and has signed the world’s most important environmental, social and human rights treaties and conventions.

Impact bonds

We also invest in bonds that qualify as Impact Bonds, such as green, social and blue impact bonds, climate awareness bonds and/or bonds issued under the Climate Bond initiative.

Active engagement

We engage with companies during the selection process and continue to do so once they have been selected. The interactive collection of data stimulates their awareness about sustainable investment and helps to encourage them to improve their own sustainability. After investment, we use our voting rights, sometimes in the form of a coalition with other engaged investors, to further influence company behaviour.


Eric Holterhues - is since November 2012 Head of Triodos SRI funds (SICAV I) at Triodos Investment Management. Eric Holterhues joined Triodos Bank in 2000 as a senior account manager. Later he became Manager Loans at Triodos Bank, The Netherlands. Since 2010 he has joined Triodos Investment Management as Head of Arts and Culture. He currently also holds this function.
- 2000 - 2006: Senior Account Manager Business Banking
- 2006 - 2010: Several management positions with Business Banking
- 2010 - present: Fund Manager Triodos Cultuurfonds and head of the business line Arts and Culture
- 2012 - present: Head of Triodos SRI funds
Eric Holterhues
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Investment approach - how we invest

How we ensure your money is invested only in companies with the best sustainability performance.

Sustainable investment universe

As part of our commitment to complete transparency, we provide a full list of companies selected for investment by Triodos SRI funds and Triodos Bank Private Banking.

Active engagement

We pursue active engagement and dialogue with the companies we invest in.


We publish the actual portfolio of the Triodos Sustainable Funds.

Online Annual Report 2015 Triodos SICAV I

   online annual report SICAVI 2015

Get in touch

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To find out more about investing with us, you can contact our Investor Relations staff in Europe, +31 (0)30 694 2400.