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What's different about the Triodos Microfinance Fund?

Our microfinance partners value the knowledge and expertise we bring to their business as an independent, values-driven bank, which shares their vision. 

Another thing that sets us apart is our long experience in equity investments, which has enabled us to develop strong long term relationships, further reinforced by our active board membership in all investee companies and on the ground due diligence.

The outstanding professionalism and excellent reputation of our dedicated investment team provide a further compelling reason to invest in the microfinance sector with Triodos Investment Management.

Finally, managing a range of funds with differing risk-return criteria gives Triodos Investment Management a unique ability to enter new markets and invest in earlier-stage microfinance institutions, which may later stage develop into more stable investments suitable for the Triodos Microfinance Fund. This has also enabled Triodos microfinance funds to have a broad geographical spread, diversifying risks among different countries and continents.

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