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A catalysing role

Triodos Fair Share Fund aims to play a catalysing role in the development of the microfinance sector into a fully-fledged, integral part of the financial sector in developing countries.

Sustainability as core value

The fund provides finance – both debt and equity – to financial institutions that demonstrate a sustainable approach toward providing financial services to under-served client groups. Triodos Fair Share Fund increasingly finances non-traditional microfinance institutions. Examples include leasing companies or specialist banks that focus on the lower income strata in the market and have sustainability as an objective.

Renewable energy and sustainable agriculture

In addition, the fund plans to focus on institutions that stimulate the use of sustainable energy by means of their financial services, or promote sustainable agriculture by offering special financial services.

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Femke Bos

Fund Manager Triodos Fair Share Fund - Femke Bos is Fund Manager of Triodos Fair Share Fund since July 2016. She is also Fund Manager of Triodos Microfinance Fund since 2009. With 15 years of investment management experience in the microfinance sector, particularly in Asia, she has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. Throughout her career, Femke Bos has served on the Board of Directors and key committees of several microfinance institutions, from start-ups to well-established fully-fledged banks. Prior to joining Triodos Bank in 2002, she held several management positions with ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands.

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Heidi Foppa

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