Why Triodos?

Does your business export fair trade or organic agricultural products to international markets? If so, let us be your financial partner. With us pre-financing your export contracts you can pay your farmers upon delivery of their produce - and comfortably bridge the period of processing and storage until final shipment and payment.

From crop to shop . . .

As a leading values-driven bank, we have mobilised millions of Euros to support the fair trade and organic industries from ‘crop to shop’. With our innovative trade finance loans, we play a key role in building sustainable long-term trading partnerships between agricultural exporters in developing countries and buyers in Europe and the United States.

Our trade finance facilities are offered through Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund. This world map shows where we are currently contributing to the success of businesses like yours. We look forward to discussing what we can do for you.

Find out more about our innovative approach to supporting sustainable trade  worldwide.

Our partner: LATCO in Bolivia

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Trade and agriculture

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