Why Triodos?

Committed to building long-term relationships

Triodos Investment Management has been one of the leading investors in the microfinance sector since making its first investments in the industry in 1994. The field of microfinance has evolved to being about building inclusive financial sectors for all low-income and underserved people. In this environment, our aim is to build long term relationships, based on transparency and fairness, and a shared commitment to access for all and caring for the planet.

As much as the finance we provide, our partners value the expertise we bring to their institutions, as an independent values-driven bank with clear social, environmental and commercial objectives.

... all over the world

In all, our microfinance investment funds have backed well over 100 microfinance institutions and banks in more than 45 countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, as you can find out on this world map . And we hold equity stakes in 22 leading and innovative microfinance institutions, banks and vehicles, playing an active role in the Board of Directors.

Funds for all stages

With different risk profiles and funding structures, our funds are suited to the needs of microfinance institutions and banks at all stages of development, from start-ups onwards. 

We look forward to discussing what we can do for you. 

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