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Reaching 117,294 farmers worldwide

20-11-2012 | The Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund published its Impact Report 2011.

Fund Manager Koert Jansen: 'This report shows our commitment to fulfilling the fund's mission, which aims to improve the lives of farmers in developing countries and encourage sustainable agriculture as an alternative to conventional, chemical-intensive agriculture.' 

Some key stats

  • 117,294 smallholder farmers worldwide sold their harvest to organisations that benefitted from trade finance from the fund in 2011
  • EUR 2.2 million premium (or uplift in income) was paid to farmers by selling their products to organisations financed by the fund in 2011
  • 10.4 million malaria treatments can be produced from Artemisinin pre-financed by the fund in 2011

Reporting standards

We have chosen to report in line with the IRIS reporting standards developed by the Global Impact Investing Network as well as to relate the fund’s objectives to the Millennium Development Goals.

New feature 

A new feature in this report is that the data has been supplemented with background stories on the Producer Price Premium and on Female Suppliers, as we believe that data alone cannot tell the full story. 

Reporting non-financial data is still a relatively new area that is undergoing development  and in which we are active participants. Any questions? Send them to sustainabletrade@triodos.com .

Sustainable cocoa from the Dominican Republic

Sustainable cocoa from the Dominican Republic

Our partner: LATCO in Bolivia

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