With a population of over 170 million inhabitants, Nigeria represents the largest microfinance market of Africa where still 80 million people who have no or limited access to financial services. AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria strives to meet this unmet demand and aims to be the leading provider of straightforward and transparent financial services for micro and small entrepreneurs. As one of the very few microfinance banks with National License, AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria is now expanding operations outside Lagos State. Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund have provided a loan to AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria in order to support such an expansion.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2016:

- number of loan clients: 41,432

- percentage female clients: 64%

- percentage rural clients: 0%

- average loan amount: EUR 774

- number of savings clients: 131,016