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Can Triodos Bank sustain its growth?

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Triodos Bank has grown consistently and sustainably in recent years to become one of the world’s most sustainable banks, winning the Financial Times Sustainable Bank of the Year Award 2009. Despite an unprecedented global financial crisis, we have continued to grow our loan book, deposits and customer numbers.

This continuing growth is partly because we focus exclusively on sectors that are themselves continuing to grow – including renewable energy, social business, microfinance and organic farming.

We believe these areas have enormous potential for further growth because they are dealing with some of the most significant social and environmental challenges of our time.

Without exposure to complex financial instruments, and by staying close to our customers and the real economy, our business flourished while many other banks floundered.

We expect strong growth to continue in the years to come. And to support this expansion - and the direct benefit to people, the environment and culture, that comes with it – we will need more capital.

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