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Inclusive finance leaders connect with investors

19-10-2017 |

In October 2017, Triodos Investment Management held its bi-annual event for its partners in inclusive finance, connecting investors with global inclusive finance leaders to share and discuss the current opportunities and challenges in this evolving and inspiring sector.

Dirk Elsen, Director Emerging Markets: “The objective of this event is two-fold. It is celebrating the relationships that we have with the financial institutions that we invest in. So we bring CEOs or other senior managers of these organisations here, to share stories and experiences across countries and across continents. And it is an opportunity to engage with the investors in our funds, to give them insights in what these financial institutions are all about.”

Watch the movie for interviews with both global inclusive finance leaders and investors, about the importance of access to finance and the outlook on the key issues for the coming two years.

Inclusive finance leaders connect with investors

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