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Divest Invest report: Impact investing and the choice to divest

14-12-2016 | Triodos Investment Management, PYMWYMIC and Wermuth Asset Management have launched the Divest Invest report, ‘Impact Investing and the Choice to Divest’ written by impact investors for impact investors.

With the one-year anniversary after the Paris Climate Change Agreement was adopted, we explore the Divest Invest movement from all angles, evaluating the options and the risks for investors. We look at what is behind the decision to divest invest and how this is relevant for all investors. After all, how you invest your money now will determine what the world will look like in the future.

“We see that more and more investors realise that sustainable investments are no longer a niche product in their traditional asset allocation strategy. Investors are increasingly using a more integrated approach. They invest in direct impact investments, while at the same time lowering the carbon footprint of their listed portfolios. As a result they combine meaningful impact alongside financial results.”  - Jacco Minnaar, Director Energy & Climate at Triodos Investment Management

Read the report, share #divestinvest, and create impact. Please find a copy of the report below.


Energy and Climate

Triodos Investment Management has over 20 years' experience of investing in renewable energy. This makes us the partner of choice for many investors and renewable energy entrepreneurs.