Eligible Companies

As part of our commitment to complete transparency, we provide a full list of companies selected for investment by Triodos SRI funds and Triodos Bank Private Banking. Because it is neither feasible nor desirable to investigate all stock-listed companies, this overview should not be regarded as complete. If a company is not on the list, this does not automatically mean that the company does not meet our strict investment criteria.

Financial performance

The eligible companies have been selected on the basis of their sustainability performance. No financial analysis has been conducted. We strongly advise you to review the financial performance of companies before making any investments.

Eligible countries and regions 

The Triodos SRI funds invest in sovereign bonds issued by EU member states or their local or regional governments and supranational organisations.

The asset manager will add a financial analysis to the selection process and choose countries in line with the investment strategy relevant for each investment product. Countries eligible for investment: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. The status of countries also applies to regional governments. So far, regional governments in Belgium, France, Germany and Spain have been added to the investment universe.

Impact Bonds

Since January 2017, Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund and Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund may also invest in bonds that qualify as Impact Bonds, such as green, social and blue impact bonds, climate awareness bonds and/or bonds issued under the Climate Bond initiative.

These bonds are listed, euro-denominated bonds eligible for investment and have a credit rating of at least investment grade. The issuer and the impact bond must meet the Triodos sustainability criteria.

Overview of eligible companies

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Changes in the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe

December 2017 

Over the last three months, the following companies have been added to our list of eligible companies:

  • Autodesk (United States) 
  • Deutsche Wohnen (Germany) 
  • Essity (Sweden)
  • Evoqua Water Technologies (EWT - United States)
  • Workday (United States)

The following companies have been removed from the list for sustainability reasons:

  • Kimberly-Clark (United States) 
  • DaVita (United States) 

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