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Triodos Engagement Report

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Our SRI Funds at a glance

Investing in sustainability outperformers

The Triodos SRI Funds invest in sustainability pioneers and best-in-class performers, based on a wide range of sustainability criteria. Selected companies comply with Triodos Bank’s strict minimum standards. Due to the rigorous selection process, our SRI funds are recognised for applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria that are considered to be some of the strictest in the industry.

Our investment funds

Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund invests in bonds issued by listed companies, governments and semi-public institutions. The (sub) sovereign bonds are issued by EU member states or their local or regional governments and supranational organisations. The fund also invests in impact bonds. On average, 40% of the portfolio is invested in sovereign bonds and 60% in non-sovereign bonds.

Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund invests predominantly in global equities issued by listed large-cap companies offering strong financial performance combined with high social and environmental standards. The fund’s investment strategy identifies long-term innovative and sustainable trends and business models that will positively influence the valuation and cash flows of selected companies worldwide.

Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund invests mainly in sustainable equities that offer a combination of attractive financial results (30% to 60%) and strong social and environmental performance, and an aggregated portfolio of bonds (40% to 70%).

Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund invests in global equities issued by predominantly small- and medium-sized, listed companies that contribute to climate protection (i.e. renewable energy), healthy people (i.e. medical technology), and clean planet (i.e. electric transport). In addition, the fund invests in companies that are pioneers in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) within their sector.

The combined investment portfolio

  • Assets under management: EUR 1.3 billion
  • Number of investee companies: 137
  • Number of investee countries and regions: 9

Read the annual report for the Triodos SRI Funds here.

Sustainability scores

We assess the sustainability performances of companies by means of a wide range of indicators. This allows the fund to determine how the companies in its portfolios perform compared to their peers. In the table below, the sustainability scores of the portfolios of Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund and Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund are compared with the sustainability scores of their respective indices. Since Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund is a combination of the portfolios of Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund and Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund, it is not represented in the table below. Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund invests exclusively in companies that offer dedicated sustainable products and services and is therefore also not included.

Average indicative

Average indicative scores* (0-100)

  Environment Social Governance
Bond portfolio 72 73 72
iBoxx € Non-Sovereigns index 62 67 67
Difference +10 +6 +5
Equity portfolio 66 62 69
MSCI World Index 55 58 63
Difference +10 +4 +6


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