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How are your shares structured?

Triodos Bank believes that it is crucial that its mission and independence are protected. All the Bank’s ordinary shares (‘Shares’) are held in a special trust called the Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares, or SAAT to use its Dutch abbreviation. This body makes sure that decisions about financial profit are not made at the expense of the Bank’s social and environmental goals.

Shares in Triodos Bank are held by investors through Depository Receipts. SAAT issues these Depository Receipts for Triodos Bank Shares to individuals and institutions.

If you choose to invest you will own Depository Receipts issued by SAAT representing Shares in Triodos Bank NV.  As well as issuing Depository Receipts, SAAT exercises all of the voting rights for Triodos Bank Shares.

The Depository Receipts are not listed on any stock exchange. Instead, the Bank maintains an internal market on a matched bargain basis. This means we'll arrange to sell Depository Receipts if and when there is a buyer for them.

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