About the fund

Launched in December 2015, Triodos Multi Impact Fund offers retail investors the unique opportunity to make their money work in multiple sectors that are all key in the transition to a fairer and more sustainable economy. The fund has a diversified portfolio of impact investments in Triodos investment funds and products (70%) and in Impact Bonds (30%) selected by Triodos Research.  

Across sectors

Triodos Multi Impact Fund builds on the solid expertise, deep sector insights and long-term relationships that Triodos Investment Management has established over the past 20 years. These sectors include renewable energy, organic agriculture, microfinance, arts & culture, and sustainable trade.

Furthermore, the fund invests in the Triodos Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) funds and in impact bonds such as green, social and blue impact bonds.

TMIF Impact themes en

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Fund manager Triodos Multi Impact Fund

Raymond Hiltrop is Fund Manager Triodos Multi Impact Fund. Raymond Hiltrop has an extensive track record of over 25 years in the investments sector. Raymond worked in the financial services industry within Syntrus Achmea (Delegated Chief Investment Officer, A&O Services (Head of Investments), Mn Services (Senior Portfolio Manager Equities) and KLM pension funds (Portfolio Manager Equities). Raymond Hiltrop holds a MSc in economics from the University of Amsterdam. 

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