About the fund

Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation is the follow-on of the Triodos-Doen Foundation. This Foundation was launched in 1994 at the initiative of the DOEN Foundation and Triodos Bank to enable innovations accelerating sustainable development worldwide. Since then, its aims have evolved into anchoring sustainable banking in the microfinance sector in developing countries.

In December 2013, the DOEN Foundation and Triodos Bank announce a new phase and conclude that their joint initiative can continue backed by Triodos Investment Management only and without the catalytic role and active involvement of the DOEN Foundation. Triodos-Doen continues under a new name; Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation and maintans its aim to finance initiatives that accelerate sustainable development worldwide, including the current focus on inclusive finance.

Thanks to its funding structure, Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation is able to assume more risk. It focuses on providing debt and equity to new and relatively higher risk financial institutions that target difficult-to-reach client groups and under-served geographical areas.

Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation also includes the sustainability themes Food and Agriculture and Energy and Climate within the financial sector, as an additional focus.

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