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Based on a Dutch tax scheme, Triodos Groenfonds invests at least 70% of assets under management in projects that are approved as "green" by the Dutch government. The other 30% is either retained as liquid assets or invested in sustainable and innovative projects that do not qualify under the criteria applied by the Dutch Government. These projects will however always be in line with the fund's objectives.

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Itske Lulof

Itske Lulof- Fundmanager Triodos Groenfonds

Fund manager Triodos Groenfonds - Itske Lulof is the Fund manager of Triodos Groenfonds. She has very broad experience in the area of financing Nature and Environmental projects and renewable energy projects. Itske previously worked as Investment Manager Nature and Environment and Microfinance with Stichting DOEN and as Business Development Manager and Country Director with a developer of renewable energy projects. She is also the chair of the work group Finance within E-Decentraal.


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Project example: De Meerlanden

Know where your money goes Project: Meerlanden
De Meerlanden is a sustainable company located near Schiphol airport focusing on public spaces and waste management. Adopting the motto of “give waste a future!” De Meerlanden aims for 100% recycling.

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