Our operational portfolio includes eleven renewable energy projects (wind farms and hydro) with a total capacity of 64MW producing enough clean, green renewable energy for the equivalent of over 40,000 homes.

Haverigg II

Haverigg II in Cumbria is a joint venture between Triodos Renewables and The Wind Company (UK). The site has a total capacity of 2.4MW, and one of the four turbines is owned by Baywind Energy Cooperative.


The Beochlich project is located in one of the best areas for small-scale hydroelectric power generation in Scotland. Beochlich Burn runs into the south-east side of Loch Awe in Argyll, West Scotland, before falling some 250 metres to the loch shore, draining water from a high plateau. The 1MW hydro project, built in 1998, involved building a six-metre high dam to create a new storage reservoir, which feeds water through two turbines.

Ness Point

Ness Point is at England's most easterly point in Lowestoft, Suffolk. On the site of a former gas works, its turbine 'Gulliver' is a popular addition to the town's industrial landscape. With a tip height of 126 metres, it has a capacity of 2.75MW.

Caton Moor

Caton Moor wind farm is in an upland area of the Forest of Bowland, northern Lancashire, just east of Morecombe Bay. It was one of the earliest commercial wind farms, coming into service in 1994. In 2005, after repowering the site by replacing 10 older turbines with eight modern, more efficient ones, Caton Moor achieved a total site capacity of 16MW. 


Sigurd is a single wind turbine project at Burgar Hill in the Orkney Islands. Commissioned in 2001, the turbine is on one of the windiest onshore sites in Europe and has a capacity of 1.3MW. 

Wern Ddu

The 9.2MW Wern Ddu wind farm was acquired in October 2009. Wern Ddu is located between Gwyddelwern and Ruthin, North Wales at the eastern edge of Strategic Search Area A, one of seven areas identified by the Welsh Assembly Government as being suited to developement of this kind. The site commenced generation in March 2010 and has been constantly delivering since. It has potential to provide renewable electricity to 5,000 homes, enough to power the nearby market town of Ruthin.


Triodos Renewables acquired the consented Kessingland project in May 2010. The two turbine site commenced generation in June 2011 and has a capacity of 4.1MW, providing up to 3,000 homes with renewable energy. The site is located on the Suffolk coast on the grounds of Africa Alive, a wildlife park, providing a good opportunity for demonstration and education activities.


Triodos Renewables acquired the Dunfermline project in March 2011 from Wind Direct Limited. This is a merchant project with consent to build a 1.5 MW turbine on a brownfield industrial site in Dunfermline in south-east Scotland. Under the merchant arrangement, the industrial user of the site will purchase part of the renewable energy generated from the turbine.


Triodos Renewables acquired the Eye wind turbine project in March 2012 from Wind Direct Limited. The two 2.5MW wind turbines supply green electricity direct to the host business on this brownfield site in Suffolk.


Triodos Renewables acquired the Avonmouth wind turbine project in September 2012 from Wessex Water Limited. This brownfield site has four 2.05MW turbines and commenced generating in late 2013. The project is the first Triodos Renewables project to be located in the South West of the UK. 


Ransonmoor wind farm is located just over 2km to the north west of Doddington near March, Cambridgeshire. Triodos Renewables acquired 24.9% of the five turbine, 10MW operational project in June 2013.


Triodos Renewables owns 75% of the 10.25MW wind farm which commenced generation in spring 2015.  The project is co-owned by the Land lord and the Developer of the wind farm.  Triodos Renewables investment fulfils the funding gap between the developer and landlord’s funds and debt finance. This allows the developer and landlord to continue to participate in the project alongside Triodos Renewables. 

Floods Ferry Road (March)

In November 2013 Triodos Renewables acquired from Wind Direct a new company with rights to develop and build a 1.5MW wind turbine project. The wind farm is located at brownfield site, which belongs to Greenvale, the UK's leading supplier of potatoes. The turbine will provide enough energy to power Greenvale's potato processing facility. The remaining energy, around 40% of the total output, will be supplied to the local electricity network.

Auchtygills & Clayfords

In January 2015 foundations were laid for two new 0.8MW wind turbines in Aberdeenshire. The turbines commenced generation in May 2015.  All electricity generated by the pair of Enercon E-48 turbines will be delivered to the local electricity distribution network.