Aarstiderne, Denmark

Aarstiderne is a market leading organic food company in Denmark and delivers over 30,000 weekly organic meal boxes as well as fruit & vegetable boxes to over 55,000 customers. Aarstiderne was founded in 1999 by Thomas Harttung and Søren Ejlersen based on a deep-rooted commitment to organic food and sustainable agriculture. It has evolved into a leading player in the market for intelligent, convenient, online food solutions and continues to expand its offering. 

Naturfrisk, Denmark

Naturfrisk in Denmark was founded in 1996 by Niels Rømer and his son Nicolai, when they acquired and restarted activities at the former Ørbæk Brewery, which dates back to 1906. Today, it is known for its range of organic non-alcoholic beverages and its artisanal specialty beers brewed under the Ørbæk label. Recently, Naturfrisk launched the Isle of Fiona organic whiskey brand.

Naty, Sweden

Swedish company Naty was founded by Marlene Sandberg in 1994 to offer an alternative for disposable diapers and the vast amounts of waste they produce. She successfully launched a biodegradable disposable diaper, followed by lines of complementary baby care products, female care products and eco clothing. Today, Naty is a global market leader offering its products in 18 countries, and expanding into new markets.

DO-IT, The Netherlands

DO-IT was founded in 1991 by Poppe Braam, driven by a strong commitment to stimulate organic farming and build up sustainable trade relations with farmers in developing countries and buyers in Europe. The company built up relationships with 170 suppliers in more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, from which DO-IT buys over 850 products; from nuts, quinoa, dried fruit and sugar to rice and olive oil. The company works very closely with local farmers and cooperatives and shares knowledge about organic farming practices. DO-IT has also launched two consumer brands – La BIO IDEA and Amaizin – which are available in European health-food stores.

Marqt, The Netherlands

Marqt is a sustainable food and groceries retailer and plays a leading role in the Netherlands in the development of a healthy and fair food producing system, which takes care for people, animals and environment into account. The company was established in 2008 and currently operates 15 stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Haarlem.

Fund manager Triodos Organic Growth Fund

Riëlla Hollander - Riëlla Hollander joined Triodos Bank as Fund Manager for the Triodos Organic Growth Fund in May 2013 to lead the team of three dedicated investment professionals. She has over 12 years of acquisition finance experience, heading the Acquisition Finance team for Lloyds Bank in the Benelux and Nordics, working alongside Private Equity houses on mid- and large-end Management Buy Outs in a wide-range of sectors. Prior to Lloyds, Riëlla has been active in M&A Advisory (3 years) and general Corporate Banking (4 years). She holds an MBA from Leuven University.

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