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About this fund

Investments in the microfinance sector

Triodos Microfinance Fund offers investors the opportunity of actively contributing to the development of an inclusive financial sector in developing countries in which the majority of people have access to financial services.  Access to these services, ranging from loans and savings products to payment facilities and insurance, provides people with the opportunity to improve their living conditions.

The fund provides loans and equity to microfinance institutions and banks in Asia, Africa and Latin America that demonstrate a sustainable approach towards providing financial services to underserved client groups in developing markets. They have gone through the first phase of growth and are financially sustainable. 


TMFF portfolio 09 14 EN

Portfolio data

Net assets EUR 356,491,063 
Number of MFIs 90
Number of loans  107 
Number of subordinated loans 14 
Number of equity participations 15
Number of countries  39

As per 30-09-2017


TMFF Region 04 17 EN

Top 10 exposure by country (% of net assets)

Country %
Cambodia  13.4
India  12.1 
Ecuador  6.0 
Sri Lanka  4.1
Kazakhstan  3.9
Paraguay  3.4
Peru  3.3 
Georgia  3.1 
Bolivia  3.1 
Panama  3.0

As per 30-09-2017  

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