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Sustainable Food and Agriculture

A core sector with a 30-year track record, key in the transition to a sustainable economy

Sustainable food and agriculture is one of the core sectors of Triodos Bank since its foundation in 1980. We have built up our organic business over 30 years. 

First and largest green fund

Loans are provided by the European Triodos Bank country affiliates and our Dutch-based Triodos Groenfonds (Triodos Greenfund) , managed by Triodos Investment Management. Established in 1990, Triodos Groenfonds is the oldest and largest green fund in the Netherlands. The fund was set up in 1990 and since then its total assets have increased to EUR 771 million (end of 2016); 19% of the fund’s assets are invested in organic farming. Other sectors include renewable energy, nature and environment, and sustainable real estate.

A global player

Through Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund we play an important role in connecting smallholder farmers in developing countries to Western markets. Since its launch in 2008, this fund has disbursed over EUR 180 million in trade finance, bringing numerous fair trade and organic agricultural products to western markets and benefitting small-scale farmers in developing countries. This makes us a truly global player.    

Pioneering new developments

In line with our pioneering track-record, we have developed Triodos Organic Growth Fund , a long-term private equity fund for mission-aligned capital for leading organic food and sustainable consumer businesses across Europe. Launched in January 2014, Triodos Organic Growth Fund invests in values-driven and profitable businesses with a solid and growing market position. These are privately held companies seeking capital for further growth that will not compromise on their core values and social or environmental objectives. They value our expertise, approach and longstanding relationships and find in us a strongly aligned shareholder.

Get in touch

Heidi Foppa

To find out more about investing with us, you can contact our Investor Relations staff in Europe, +31 (0)30 694 2400.

Triodos Groenfonds

The oldest green fund in The Netherlands with investments in organic agriculture, renewable energy, sustainable real estate and nature & environment

Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund

The fund provides trade finance loans to co-operatives and private companies operating in sustainable agricultural value chains, and has a specific focus on organic agriculture and fair trade.

Triodos Organic Growth Fund

A unique long-term evergreen fund, which provides equity to leading organic food companies and sustainable consumer businesses across Europe

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