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Arts and Culture

Triodos Investment Management - a pioneer in arts and culture finance

Triodos Investment Management wants to contribute to a society with a high quality of life and that has human dignity at its core. This broader mission explains our involvement in Arts and Culture. Arts and Culture contribute to life-quality, a vibrant society and can inspire as well as instigate change.

Pioneer in financing arts and culture

For many years, Triodos Investment Management has been a pioneer in providing financial services to arts and culture. Our experience in this sector is particularly relevant in the current climate, as many governments cut spending as part of far-reaching austerity measures, often causing drastic reductions in financial support for the arts and culture sector.

Triodos Investment Management shows that the cultural sector can be well served by dedicated investment funds, within a balanced risk-return profile.

Head of Arts & Culture, Fund Manager Triodos Cultuurfonds - Eric Holterhues joined Triodos Bank in 2000 working with arts and culture clients as a senior account manager, and helping to set up Triodos Bank’s Culture Fund. He later became Head of Loans, before being appointed Head of Arts and Culture for Triodos Investment Management in September 2010. Eric is currently developing a new dedicated Arts and Culture business line, to finance the Art and Culture sector in Europe. He is the Fund Manager of Triodos Cultuurfonds and international co-ordinator and spokesman for financing Arts and Culture across Triodos Bank’s European network. Since November 2012, Eric was also appointed Head of Socially Responsible Investment at Triodos Investment Management, taking responsibility for the Triodos Sustainable Research department and Triodos SICAV I. Eric Holterhues
Erik Holterhues -- Head of Arts & Culture, Fundmanager Cultuurfonds

Triodos Cultuurfonds

Triodos Bank offers Triodos Cultuurfonds to its Dutch clients. The fund was launched in 2006 and invests in cultural projects with positive artistic and cultural goals. The aim of the fund is to help make the sector less dependent on subsidies, grants and charity by encouraging cultural entrepreneurship.

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Heidi Foppa

To find out more about investing with us, you can contact our Investor Relations staff in Europe, +31 (0)30 694 2400.

Triodos Cultuurfonds (Triodos Culture Fund)

Triodos Investment Fund is the first cultural investment fund in The Netherlands. We invest in theaters, museums and artists.

Cultuur Ondernemen


This organisation provides assistance to artists who want to have independent profession


Project example: The Lace Factory in Horst aan de Maas

Know where your money goes Project: Kantfabriek The Lace Factory museum in Horst aan de Maas presents the history of the textile industry that dominated the region for many centuries, as well as displays on modern textile applications. The monumental factory, which still breathes the atmosphere of the 1930s, houses a surprisingly modern museum presentation of the textile industry in the town of Horst and its surrounding area.

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