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Impact investment

Addressing social and environmental challenges, while generating a balanced return

Triodos Investment Management is a globally recognised leader in impact investing. We manage direct investments on behalf of private and institutional investors, ranging from sustainable energy infrastructure to microfinance institutions.

We take a 100% positive approach to the money our customers invest with us. We use it only to finance organisations working to build a sustainable future for individuals, the community and the environment.

Responding to society’s greatest challenges

We are convinced that financial solutions are crucial to successfully addressing many of today’s greatest challenges, in the areas of climate change, access to finance, and sustainable development in general. We have developed financial solutions that contribute to finding solutions to these challenges while generating balanced financial returns.

Understanding the market

Our 20 years of success in impact investing has been built upon our in-depth market and sector knowledge and our highly developed understanding of the role of finance in society.

Leading in transparency

We offer transparency on the projects and companies we invest in, taking the view that our investors are entitled to understand exactly how their money is working for a higher quality of life, and how the return on their money is generated.

Find our more about our approach to impact investment:

Energy and Climate

Triodos Investment Management has over 20 years' experience of investing in renewable energy. This makes us the partner of choice for many investors and renewable energy entrepreneurs.

Emerging Markets / Inclusive Finance

Our Emerging Markets eyes are set on the further development of inclusive financial services as well as pursuing a broader impact investing agenda, particularly in agriculture and renewable energy.

Arts and Culture

We want to contribute to a society with a high quality of life and that has human dignity at its core. This broader mission explains our involvement in Arts and Culture.

Sustainable Real Estate

Our involvement in the real estate sector is based on a unique, 'full spectrum' approach to sustainability based on the four Ps: People, Planet, Profit and Project.

Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Sustainable food and agriculture is one of the core sectors of Triodos Bank since its foundation in 1980.

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To find out more about investing with us, you can contact our Investor Relations staff in Europe, +31 (0)30 694 2400.

Key figures

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