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Sustainable Banking

Sustainable Banking is using money with conscious thought about its environmental, cultural and social impacts, and with the support of savers and investors who want to make a difference, by meeting present day needs without compromising those of future generations.

Our expertise facts and figures
X Maximizing sustainability

At Triodos Bank, we see profit as proof of a healthy organisation, but not as an end in itself

X Unlisted for a reason

Being unlisted means we don't have to put shareholders' interests before those of our other stakeholders

X Relationship-based

We believe that getting to know our lenders, and their businesses, is the key to successful long term investment

X Getting the basics right

A decent profit, a strong capital base and stable funding are the solid foundations Triodos Bank is built on

X 21% growth

Funds entrusted to Triodos Bank grew in 2011 by 21%. Over the last ten years Triodos Bank grew on average by 20%

X 70,000 new customers

Triodos Bank welcomed over 70,000 new customers in 2011 and grew to a total of 355,000 customers

X 33% growth in sustainable banking

Lending, which is exclusively to sustainable organisations, was up 33% in 2011

X 30 years of experience

In 2010 we have celebrated the success of 30 years of Triodos Bank but foremost the 30 year success of sustainable banking

X Follow the money

Follow your money on our website and find all entrepreneurs and projects financed by Triodos Bank with your saver's money

X 4 Core Values

Our core values of sustainability, transparency, excellence and entrepreneurship reflect what is important to us

X Transparent success

Being open and honest about how we use our customers' money builds mutual trust, which is good for business

X Conscious investment

With us, investors know exactly where their profit comes from, enabling them to take personal responsibility

X EUR 75

The amount we raised in new capital during our last campaign

Our expert: Peter Blom

Peter Blom is the CEO of Triodos Bank and the Chair of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values

"Profit is not an objective in itself."

After studying economics, and helping to run one of the first organic food centres in the Netherlands, Peter Blom joined Triodos Bank in 1980, the year we first opened for business. Having been with us since the start, he was appointed Managing Director in 1989, and has been CEO since 1997. He is Chair of...

More about Peter Blom

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The Bottom Line
As the world wrestles with a banking crisis unlike any before it, Peter Blom, Chairman of the Board of Management of Triodos Bank, argues that 'maximising sustainability' should become the economy's priority.

Profit with a purpose
As earnings, bonuses and stocks creep back to pre-crisis levels, will markets resume business as usual? A plea for a new kind of investing that blends good sense, good causes and good financial returns.

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Triodos Bank has been using the GRI guidelines since 2000 and is an organisational stakeholder of the Initiative. Following these guidelines ensures that our report is easily comparable with those of other GRI-compliant companies.

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Our salary system is based on the belief that the success - and earnings - of the bank depend on the combined efforts of everyone who works here.

We do occasionally reward exceptional performance by individual co-workers, but any payments are limited to the equivalent of two months' salary. At the end of 2009 all co-workers received an end year bonus of 300 EUR.