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Our expertise in Organic Food and Agriculture

Organic Food & Agriculture

Our relationship with the soil and the earth requires a systemic perspective.

We can no longer afford to keep a world view that thinks of agricultural land as the starting point for a limitless process of extraction. Rather, agriculture needs to be seen within the context of a natural system. This system includes nutrients, water, biodiversity, animal welfare and social conditions.

Our expertise facts and figures
X From farm to fork

Triodos Bank finances the entire organic food chain, from producers and processors to retailers and restaurants.

X 24,000 hectares nature

This is the total amount of nature and conservation land financed by Triodos Bank. That is around 400m2 of nature and conservation land for every customer.

X 36,500 hectares foodland

The total amount of organic foodland across Europe financed by Triodos Bank.

X 33.6 million meals

Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management finance farmland that could produce the equivalent of 33.6 meals a year in 2015.

X 30 years experience

Triodos Bank has 30 years of experience in financing Organic Agriculture.

X 100% organic certification

All projects financed by us need to be certified organic farms which means  that all organic farms financed by Triodos Bank are free of Genetically Modified Organisms.

X 30,928 metric tonnes of coffee

We finance coffee farms that produce 30,928 metric tonnes of coffee and the coffee produced from these farms is equivalent to 2,9 billion cups of coffee.

X Over 100,000 small-scale farmers

With trade finance from Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund, over 100,000 small-scale farmers in 16 countries worldwide were paid directly and fairly upon delivery of their harvest in 2015.

Triodos Bank's position on Organic Food & Agriculture


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The impact of Organic Food and Agriculture

We need farmers who can adopt methods that conserve and recycle natural resources. We want to help create a vibrant and diverse agricultural sector with a larger number of smaller farms, more closely connected to local communities and local consumers.

Respecting animal welfare is a fundamental aspect of how we interact with the world around us and a core principle of organic farming.

Organic farming has subscribed itself to safeguarding and respecting nature. As such, having higher animal welfare standards than in conventional farming is one of its major goals. 

Our products supporting Organic Food & Agriculture

Financing food and agriculture

Are you an entrepreneur in food or agriculture seeking finance?

Triodos Groenfonds

Are you an investor interested in supporting Organic Food & Agriculture?

Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund

The fund provides trade finance loans to co-operatives and private companies operating in sustainable agricultural value chains, and has a specific focus on organic agriculture and fair trade.