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Our expertise in Arts and Culture

Arts & Culture

Arts and culture play an important role in the personal development of individuals and the cohesion of society as a whole. Creative expression provides new perspectives, inspires and connects people.

Arts and culture should contribute to personal development and a vibrant civil society. They can inspire and motivate change.

The cultural sector is dynamic and versatile. Cultural entrepreneurship is booming. Many institutions are wholly or partly commercial and target a wide and diverse audience. Triodos Bank fits in to the dynamics of a sector with this entrepreneurial focus and finances innovative cultural entrepreneurs to help increase its impact.

Our expertise facts and figures
X 3100 artists and people active

The approximate number of people financed in arts and culture by Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management in 2015.

X 321,081,000 EUR

The total volume of arts and culture financing we provided in 2015.

X 14.3 million visitors

The number of visitors of cultural institutions financed by Triodos Bank across Europe.

X 41% to cultural centres

The proportion of the projects financed in 2015 that are cultural centres. ‘Connection’ is central to our vision in the cultural sector. Triodos Bank finances artists and cultural institutions that bridge, and connect, with society.

X Cultural Entrepreneurship

We support artists to be more entrepreneurial and look for more than one source of finance.

X Inspiration

We support Arts and Culture because the ability to express oneself freely is an essential part of a sustainable society.

X Workshop spaces

Financing workshop spaces has an important societal value as they lead to synergies between artists and give properties a new lease of life.

X Guaranteed

In a partnership with Cultuur-Ondernemen Triodos Bank acts as a guarantor for artists, large or small.

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The impact on Arts & Culture

‘Connection’ is central to our vision in the cultural sector. Triodos Bank finances artists and cultural institutions that bridge, and connect, with society.

This usually involves a combination of high artistic quality and broad accessibility. Connecting with the community is done in many ways: by reaching broad audiences, and by dealing with other parties, such as sponsors, businesses, social institutions and banks. In addition, there is a connection with amateur practitioners who are active in the local area and contribute to social cohesion.

Triodos Culture Fund

Triodos Bank supports and stimulates the Arts and Culture sector in a creative way.

Are you an investor interested in supporting Arts and Culture? Triodos Culture Fund invests in cultural projects that support the development and preservation of culture in the Netherlands.

Are you an artist seeking finance?

Are you an artist seeking finance?

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