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How do you become truly wealthy?

We asked some people who already are.

Becoming truly wealthy: it's something everyone's thought about at some point. But how do you achieve it? And when do you know you're there? Is it about how much money you've got? Or what you do with it?

We asked people around the world what wealth means to them. A farmer, a tribal elder, an entrepreneur, a philosopher and someone who's lived without money: each has a different story to tell. Watch their personal insights, and discover how wealth is about more than just money.

Dirco te Voortwis,



tribal elder from Greenland

Runa Khan,

social entrepreneur from Bangladesh

Douglas Rushkoff,

philosopher from New York

Isabel Rupschus,

who lived without money

Anne-Marie Rakhorst,

born businesswoman

How do you become truly wealthy?

Share the six personal personal insights about wealth.




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