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Frequently Asked Questions

In what sectors do you operate?

We're happy to consider any loan application that's in line with Triodos Bank's overall mission and objectives. But the vast majority of our lending is to organisations within three broad sectors.

The first is nature and the environment: we finance all kinds of sustainable environmental businesses and initiatives, from organic farms and food producers, through renewable energy companies, to eco-development schemes.

The second is culture and society: we lend to businesses and initiatives that help people develop and act as free and responsible citizens. This can cover everything from schools and medical centres, through arts and cultural activities, to community projects of all kinds.

The third is social business: we fund businesses of any kind whose key objectives are to add value to society or the environment, from Fair Trade retailers or wholesale traders, through housing associations and eco-tourism initiatives, to manufacturers of environmentally responsible products.

Read more about our approach to lending and the companies we lend to .

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