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Het Honingmagazijn Het Honingmagazijn Retail (non-food)
Imkershop Imkershop Retail (non-food)
Jennor Jennor Retail (non-food)
Kien met Hout Kien met Hout Retail (non-food)


Retail (non-food) (Social)

Incognito anti-mosquito is a totally natural insect repellent. Manufactured in the UK, many of the ingredients used are certified organic and the rest are completely natural. They are also registered with the Vegan Society. Incognito have a strong environmental policy with all their electricity coming from renewable energy and their vehicle fleet made up of either 100% electric vehicles or hybrids.


Retail Trade (non-food)

Entrepreneurs running sustainable Small and Medium Sized Enterprises drive a genuinely sustainable economy. Because profit is not their only driver their businesses value people and the environment, respecting the producers of their goods and the cost to environment of creating them.  The kinds of businesses we finance in this sector include sustainable clothing, book and toy shops.

Howad Ltd
W11 4AT
Baseline Business Studios
Whitchurch Road