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Bank Andara
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Bank Andara

Microfinance (Social)

Bank Andara is the first wholesale bank for microfinance institutions – rural banks and cooperatives – in Indonesia. The bank wants to be the foremost partner for the microfinance sector in Indonesia and reach a large group of people who currently have no, or only limited, access to financial services. The bank wants to generate further growth in the coming years and offer a number of new, innovative services to microfinance institutions, such as micro-insurance, transfers and remittances. Hivos-Triodos Fund is one of the founding shareholders in Bank Andra. With this investment Hivos-Triodos Fund actively supports the microfinance sector in Indonesia by focussing on the microfinance institutions that are already there and servicing them.



Whoever you are, and wherever you live in the world, you are likely to want permanent access to financial services. Microfinance banks play a crucial role providing access to finance to an increasing number of people living on low-incomes. We finance microfinance institutions because they help to build inclusive financial sectors, where the majority of people have access to financial services, leading to a sustainable basis for balanced social and economic development.