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Sustainable trade (Social)

The core business of Association Wouol (Wouol) is the export of processed organic and fair trade cashew and dried mango. Both products are important cash crops in Burkina Faso. Wouol sources the raw cashews nuts and fresh mango from over 400 farmers. Lack of prefinance prevented Wouol from taking advantage of the demand for their produce in Europa.

The trade finance provided by Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund enables the company to scale up their export activities.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2015:
- number of farmers: 653
- number of hectares: 1,379 hectares of sustainably
cultivated land


Sustainable trade

Smallholder farmers in developing countries do not necessarily reap the rewards of a complex international trade system. So, by financing fair trade enterprises we aim to make sure that individuals and their families are paid fairly for their products.

Burkina Faso