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De Meerlanden, afval en groenbedrijf
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De Meerlanden, afval en groenbedrijf

Eco development (Environment)

De Meerlanden is a sustainable company located near Schiphol airport focusing on public spaces and waste management. Adopting the motto of “give waste a future!” De Meerlanden aims for 100% recycling. By separating waste products, material remains part of the cycle - which means waste remains a raw material. Triodos Groenfonds provided the funding for an innovative processing method for organic household waste: an anaerobic digestion installation combined with tunnel composting. This procession method generates five products: water, compost, green CO2, heat and green gas.


Ecological development

By provide funding for restoration and construction of innovative and sustainable design, we try to limit the negative impact of building on the environment and the society.
Environmental Technology
Innovation is important because it makes positive change in the world happen and leads to renewal and sustainable growth. Financing environmental technology means investing in the future for important sectors like recycling and transport.

Aarbergerweg 41
1435 CA