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Housetop Care Ltd (Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research)
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Housetop Care Ltd (Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research)

Philosophy of life (Culture)

This charity was established in 1983 as a think tank to produce educational material for Christian formation and biblical studies. The focus has evolved to coordinating interdisciplinary research reports into problematic issues affecting the Roman Catholic Church: for example, gender discrimination, sexual ethics, and the exercise of church authority and governance
One of their current flagship projects looks at developing official Roman Catholic teaching towards an acceptance of the ethical use of contraceptives both for family planning and to prevent the spread of STIs. The goal of such an educational initiative is to contribute to the advancement of the so-called “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights,” which are in turn necessary for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Philosophy of life

We want to support non-coercive expressions of religious belief. We lend to a wide range of spiritual and religious groups that respect human freedom and nurture the spirit.

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