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Dawn Microfinance
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Dawn Microfinance

Microfinance (Social)

Once closed off for 40 years, Myanmar has undergone reform and is once again experiencing economic growth. The country is slowly opening up to the outside world which makes it an attractive investment opportunity for foreign investors, as well as providing a chance to make a genuine positive impact.

Dawn Microfinance is one of the few microfinance institutions active in Myanmar; renowned as it has built trust with the local government and communities for over the past 14 years. To catalyze the microfinance sector in Myanmar, Triodos Investment Management, Dutch development bank FMO, and American impact investor Accion have joined together to further develop Dawn Microfinance into a leading microfinance institution; they own 100% of Dawn Microfinance. Three funds managed by Triodos Investment Management (Triodos Fair Share Fund, Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation, Triodos Microfinance Fund) jointly hold a 30% equity stake.

Dawn's the long-term intention is to become a larger provider to low income households, offering a wider range of financial products. The key focus will be to expand the product portfolio and prioritize client education and protection. A senior representative of Triodos Bank is represented in the Board of Directors.


Whoever you are, and wherever you live in the world, you are likely to want permanent access to financial services. Microfinance banks play a crucial role providing access to finance to an increasing number of people living on low-incomes. We finance microfinance institutions because they help to build inclusive financial sectors, where the majority of people have access to financial services, leading to a sustainable basis for balanced social and economic development.