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Developing Initiatives for Support In The Community (DISC)
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Developing Initiatives for Support In The Community (DISC)

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DISC is a leading charity working in the fields of deprivation and exclusion, established over 30 years ago in the County Durham area in order to provide services to offenders. The organisation has grown and diversified to one operating from over 30 bases in County Durham, Tees Valley, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester and continues to develop across the region. Their vision is an inclusive society which recognises and responds to the needs of those who are disadvantaged and marginalised and their mission is to maximise people potential. At the heart of DISC’s services is the provision of focused one-to-one counselling and support by staff skilled and experienced in working with people who are de-motivated and disillusioned and who often have chaotic lifestyles.


Professional services (environmental)

Innovation is important because it makes positive change in the world happen and leads to renewal and sustainable growth. Financing environmental technology means investing in the future for important sectors like recycling and transport.

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