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Hill Holt Gainsborough Limited
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Hill Holt Gainsborough Limited

Professional services (environmental) (Environment)

Hill Holt Gainsborough Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hill Holt Wood a charitable environmental social enterprise, specialising in supporting disadvantaged young people with a range of barriers to training and employment. They have been set up to combat one of the most deprived areas of Lincolnshire and to specifically and was set up specifically to create accommodation from empty properties. Local materials and labour will be utilised and the construction work will also provide the opportunity for training and development for young, unemployed and low-skilled people in the community. The properties will be let to those in need within the community, with special preference to young people in need of safe and secure living space. HHW will provide support to the tenants, developing living skills such as cooking, hygiene and finance management.

Professional services (environmental)

Innovation is important because it makes positive change in the world happen and leads to renewal and sustainable growth. Financing environmental technology means investing in the future for important sectors like recycling and transport.

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