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Adams & Sutherland Ltd
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ADEAC / FEE ADEAC / FEE Professional services (environmental)
Abogados en Red Abogados en Red Professional services (environmental)
Agresta Agresta Professional services (environmental)
Alveus SCRL Alveus SCRL Professional services (environmental)

Adams & Sutherland Ltd

Professional services (environmental) (Environment)

Adams & Sutherland is a design-led architectural practice which delivers a full range of architectural, landscape and urban design services.

They are interested in the full experience the built environment has to offer, the buildings used everyday and the forgotten spaces in between. The practice was founded in 1997 with the commitment of working predominantly in the public sector, and on projects with genuine social relevance. Recognising the impact consultations can have, Adams & Sutherland engage those who are going to use the project to create a sense of ownership and ensure projects are a lasting success.

The company proactively researches how to improve building designs and structures to suit disadvantaged people and has won awards for a tenacious and committed approach to complex projects.


Professional services (environmental)

Innovation is important because it makes positive change in the world happen and leads to renewal and sustainable growth. Financing environmental technology means investing in the future for important sectors like recycling and transport.

33 Greenwood Place
Highgate Business Centre