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The Maytree Respite Centre
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The Maytree Respite Centre

Health Care (Social)

The project was founded some 10 years ago with the realisation that for many suicidal people support offered by help lines and drop in centres of the voluntary sector was not enough. Maytree offers a one off brief stay in a non-medical setting with space and time to be listened to in the hope that the belief that life is worth living will be restored. The stay is free of charge so as not to exclude disadvantaged people. Since being established, Maytree, has helped over 10,000 people and 950 people have stayed as guests.


Health Care

Good physical and mental health and wellbeing are fundamental to a better quality of life. That’s why we finance medical centres offering complementary health services, care for the elderly and hospices.

72 Moray Road
N4 3LG