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Employee Benefits

Triodos Bank offers you a good package of employee benefits

Within the Dutch salary system, Triodos Bank chooses to minimise the difference between the highest and the lowest salaries we pay. To make this possible, we received a dispensation to vary the terms of the Collective Labour Agreement - which, for all other terms of employment, we comply with.

Primary terms of employment

In addition to salaries that are in line with the market, we offer co-workers  the option of joining our collective health insurance scheme. Triodos Bank in the Netherlands also has an attractive pension scheme.
In the Netherlands, Triodos Bank's co-workers can buy two weeks' extra holiday and it is also possible to work part-time. 

Secondary terms of employment

At Triodos Bank, we encourage co-workers to travel to and from work by public transport by reimbursing their daily travel costs in full. We also offer exceptional secondary terms of employment, in keeping the values and the mission of Triodos Bank. For example, in the Netherlands, there is an attractive allowance for bicycles, and we also contribute to moving expenses, when a co-worker wants to live closer to the office.

Looking for a sustainable job?

Triodos Bank offers a dynamic, professional and motivating working culture.

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