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Change the world with money

Online Annual Report 2015 Visit Triodos Bank's new online annual report

Know where your money goes Being genuinely transparent about who we lend to
Being genuinely transparent about who we lend to

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Welcome to sustainable banking
Welcome to sustainable banking

Triodos Bank's local offices

Offer sustainable banking services incl. savings accounts, payments, lending and investments for Personal and Business Banking customers.

Triodos Investment Management

A wholly owned subsidiary of Triodos Bank, is a globally recognised leader in impact investing. Investment Management Impact Investing Socially Responsible Investment

Triodos Bank Annual Results 2016

Triodos Bank realises solid growth in challenging interest environment.

What change does Triodos Bank finance?

What enterprises does Triodos Bank finance in Culture?

Triodos Bank believes that culture is a powerful force for positive change, driving creativity and innovation in business, and providing lasting opportunities for personal development. That’s why we finance entrepreneurs across the creative spectrum, from education and retreat centres, to spiritual groups and artists.
Arts & Culture | Education