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Trade & Development Group - African cashew nuts
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Trade & Development Group - African cashew nuts

Sustainable trade (Social)

Africa is rapidly becoming a major player in the cashew industry thanks, in part, to organisations like the Trade & Development Group. This Dutch company has been active in the African cashew trade for many years and initiated local processing companies in Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Benin and Ghana. Here the raw cashew nuts are cracked to release the cashew kernels, which are then dried, peeled, sorted and shipped to final destination. Benefits include fairer prices for farmers selling directly to processors, as well as jobs and more money in local pockets. The Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund provided trade finance to the processing companies which enables them to pay the farmers directly upon delivery of their harvest.

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Sustainable trade

Smallholder farmers in developing countries do not necessarily reap the rewards of a complex international trade system. So, by financing fair trade enterprises we aim to make sure that individuals and their families are paid fairly for their products.