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Kenya Women Finance Trust DTM
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Kenya Women Finance Trust DTM

Microfinance (Social)

Kenya Women Finance Trust DTM (KWFT DTM), a member of the Women’s World Banking network, was founded in 1982 on the initiative of a group of dedicated Kenyan women that included lawyers, bankers, financial experts, entrepreneurs, managers and trainers. Their philosophy and ambition was to set up a financial institution exclusively for women from low-income groups. Almost thirty years later, KWFT DTM has become one of the largest microfinance institutions in the country. KWFT DTM provides loans for different purposes, for example to create a better environment, or better living conditions for its clients. Examples of specific loans are solar panels and tanks for storing clean drinking water close to people’s homes. KWFT DTM also offers micro-insurance, providing whole families with medical coverage. Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation, Hivos-Triodos Fund, Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund have provided KWFT DTM with loans to facilitate its further growth.

KEY INDICATORS Kenya Women Finance Trust DTM as at year-end 2013:
- number of loan clients: 256,640
- percentage female clients: 100%
- percentage rural clients: 70%
- average loan amount: EUR 490
- number of savings clients: 371,512



Whoever you are, and wherever you live in the world, you are likely to want permanent access to financial services. Microfinance banks play a crucial role providing access to finance to an increasing number of people living on low-incomes. We finance microfinance institutions because they help to build inclusive financial sectors, where the majority of people have access to financial services, leading to a sustainable basis for balanced social and economic development.

Kiambere Road, Upper Hill